Avoid These Zoom Meeting Pitfalls With Expert Setup

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Video meetings keep teams connected and productive, especially when your workforce is split between the office and remote locations. But glitchy audio, poor lighting, or amateurish backdrops on Zoom hamper communication and engagement.

Avoid These Zoom Meeting Pitfalls With Expert Setup

Avoid common video conferencing pitfalls by having our AV experts optimize your permanent Zoom rooms or portable setups. Let us handle the technological details, so your meetings stay professional and effective.

  • Poor Video Quality and Angles. We have the expertise to place cameras optimally to highlight all participants on a Zoom call in a conference room evenly and clearly. We select sharp lenses and sensors expertly focusing on people who are speaking, showing flattering angles and eliminating shadows from overhead light. For CEO town halls, we use multi-camera rigs and directional mics that can pick up comments from large audiences. We choose high-performing equipment to prevent pixelated, blurry, or awkward shots that convey unprofessionalism.
  • Bad Sound Quality. Bad audio with static or echoes during Zoom calls hampers participation. We test room acoustics first and then position multiple microphones, eliminating faint voices or deafening ones. Echo-canceling speakerphones also increase clarity for teams joining virtually and in-person. Our audio solutions amplify comprehension, keeping everyone engaged.
  • Polished Backdrops. Unprofessional backdrops with cluttered offices or distracting images can zap your credibility. We can suggest ways to create backdrops that have crisp, consistent branding for Zoom meetings. Even though it’s a small detail, the correctly proportioned photos or videos in your background reinforce authority and culture. You want to consider multiple backgrounds for internal and external audiences.

Well-executed Zoom rooms and setups remove technical burdens. Our video-conferencing infrastructure expertise will help your team communications flow seamlessly. Our tailored solutions let you lead lively productive meetings rather than troubleshooting sound glitches mid-call. Contact us to implement or upgrade your spaces for better Zoom meetings.