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Say goodbye to messy whiteboards and bulky paper flipcharts.

Digital Flip Charts in Naples, FloridaYour business has relied on whiteboards and bulky paper flip charts to collaborate and introduce information for so long, it’s hard to believe there’s a better, more innovative way. At SpecTech AV Corp, we want to introduce you to the power of digital flip charts and how they can change the way you hold meetings, drive collaboration, and expand presentation capabilities.

Digital flip charts take you beyond markers and paper and include innovative capabilities that make them ideal for any type of presentation and any type of meeting. With touch-out functionality, your team members can easily sync their devices to the digital flip chart to share and control content in real time. Any changes you make on the digital flipchart will also be reflected on the connected device for effective and efficient collaboration.

Digital flip charts also make it simple and easy to save and distribute information following the meeting to all your colleagues and attendees. Never again will you need to take pictures of whiteboards and paper pads – simply task one person to consolidate and distribute the notes. Information can be easily shared via thumb drive, email, or even printouts.

Bolster your business’ productivity and efficiency with the implementation of digital flip charts. We can help your business incorporate this new technology into its operations, so contact us today to learn more and to set up a consultation at your location in Naples, Florida.