Ring Solar-Powered Security Camera Installation, Naples, FL

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Power your home’s security with the sun.

Many security camera systems on the market today require complicated wiring to work and to remain operational. This requires significant time and investment, leaving your home vulnerable to threats and intruders in the interim. At SpecTech AV Corp, we want to introduce you to an innovative, user-friendly security option powered only by the sun: the Ring Spotlight Cam Solar.

Ring Solar-Powered Security Camera Installation in Naples, Florida

This device only needs a few hours of sunlight on a daily basis to remain charged and operational. These cameras also come with a rechargeable battery pack, so you always have backup power in case something unexpected occurs. After the Ring solar-powered security camera installation process is complete, you can see, hear, and speak to anyone on your property simply using your phone and tablet.

The main benefit of putting a solar-powered security camera on your home in Naples, Florida is that you can install it anywhere that receives an adequate amount of sunlight. Protect your garage, front porch, back door, side of your house, or any other vulnerable area by choosing a solar-powered camera and leaving the Ring solar-powered security camera installation process to us.

Receive instant alerts of suspicious activity and gain the peace of mind knowing you’ve instituted security measures to protect your home wherever you are. Contact us to learn more about the Ring solar-powered security camera installation process and to schedule installation. We’re eager to put our exceptional expertise and experience to work helping you protect your home.