Ring Wireless Security Cameras, Naples, FL

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Equip your home with the best in wireless security technology.

Protecting your home with a high-tech security system is essential for your safety and peace of mind. And while you know that having a home security system is important, you also don’t love the way the wires of your home’s security cameras ruin your home’s overall curb appeal and exterior aesthetics.

Ring Wireless Security Cameras in Naples, Florida

If you want a powerful home security system without all the unsightly cords, we have the solution at SpecTech AV Corp. We highly recommend Ring wireless security cameras because they provide the high-tech capabilities you want from your security system without all the cords. These wireless security cameras can be installed nearly anywhere on your home’s exterior, and we can integrate them with other features of your current security setup.

While every home in Naples, Florida is different, we typically recommend putting Ring wireless security cameras outside of all entrances and exits to your home, including the front door, back door, front gate, etc. We also recommend putting them in vulnerable areas to your home, such as a window without much visibility from the outside road. When installing your cameras, we can suggest places to put these cameras to maximize the security of your home.

We’re excited to tell you more about Ring wireless security cameras and how they can enhance your home’s security without ruining its aesthetics. Contact us today to set up a home security consultation to learn more about this technology.